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TON Diamonds

10,000 unique NFTs for TON. Privileges for holders. Every diamond is a lottie-animation — a perfect blend of code and visuals.


First NFT collection by Ellen Sheidlin. 1000 NFT stones that open up over time and reveal the hidden avatars.

StickerFace Wearables

Fashion collection with clothes and wearables for StickerFace avatars.


G-BOTS collection consists of 6666 unique NFT robots. Every G-BOT is unique and randomly generated from a combination of hand-drawn and individually modeled 3D details.

Mutant Toadz 🐸

A limited collection of 9999 unique NFTs hosted on the TON Blockchain. Our mission is to create well-known avatars, promote the TON ecosystem through video guides and create powerful NFT brand. First each holder gets Mutant Toad Embryo. After final sales, we launch reveal event. And each Embryo transforms into unique Mutant Toad.