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Explore the crypto world of The Open Network Blockchain

Advanced technology

TON is a fully decentralized layer-1 blockchain designed by Telegram to onboard billions of users. It boasts ultra-fast transactions, tiny fees, easy-to-use apps, and is environmentally friendly.

First Collection on TON

The first TON NFT on the market. TON Diamonds NFT is a gateway to exploring the world of Web3.

Auction House

First auctions on The Open Network blockchain selling single pieces from world's major digital artists.


Access our private community club. Receive benefits and communicate in a private Telegram group.

Zero trading comissions

Trade top-tier NFT Collections on TON barrier-free.

Reduced or zero fee

TON Diamonds marketplace fee is 5%. However, owning a TON Diamonds NFT means you get reduced commissions.

Small Diamond2% Fee
Medium Diamond1% Fee
Big Diamond0% Fee
0%No fees for TON Diamonds collection
40 050 TONSaved by our holders over 4 515 NFT trades

More Privileges

Holders of TON Diamonds NFT see a list of privileges right after purchase.

Community for TON Diamonds Holders

Private group only for TON Diamonds holders. Find out the latest news from the team, chat with other holders and project founders, take part in contests and help develop TON Diamonds.

More chances in airdrops

Every Diamond you own gives extra tickets and thus more chances to win in airdrops.

Small Diamond10%
Medium Diamond40%
Big Diamond80%
NFT Priority Sale

Bigger order limits at the start of new collection sales.

Small Diamond5 NFT
Medium Diamond10 NFT
Big Diamond
Tonkeeper Integration

Change the theme in one of the most popular wallets on TON

Stay tuned

We are constantly working on adding more benefits for holders on the TON Diamonds marketplace

Partnership with products on TON

Benefits from our partners

Extra benefits for holders

Allow notifications to know about new benefits that come up


Enjoy get-togethers with other TON Diamonds NFT owners

Real Diamonds

We plan to present a real diamond for Big Diamonds Holders

TON NFT Exhibitions

Discount or free admission to art exhibitions around the world

Merch Store

Private merch store with branded items and presents for club members

Join 2 044 TON Diamonds holders

Become a part of our community and enjoy all the privileges

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Priority Club Questions

What are the benefits for Small, Medium and Big Diamonds holders?

There’s a difference in marketplace commission fees, and this is one of the main benefits. 0% for Big Diamonds holders, 1% for Medium Diamonds holders, and 2% for Small Diamonds holders. In addition to this, there’s a difference in other benefits for holders, including airdrops and priority access to sales of partnering collections. The bigger your Diamond, the more priority you have in purchasing at sales and higher chances of winning an NFT from our partners.

How do I get the bonus for Ton.Place?

You need to set a Diamond NFT as the profile picture on Ton.Place and then you get full access to the Erotic subscription for free.

How do I get the bonus for Tonstarter?

Big Diamond gives you the opportunity to take part in private IDO sales that take place before public ones, and you also get access to the private investors chat.
Medium Diamond holders get 1 extra ticket after signing up, which doubles the chances for allocation.
Small Diamond holders get 0.5 extra ticket after signing up. You can always contact support and find the answers to any question: @ton_starter_support_bot.

How to enter the private chat for TON Diamonds holders?

Connect your Telegram in the platform settings and enter the chat via the Priority Club section. Follow the link for more information.

How are airdrops for holders conducted?

Every holder is assigned a number range. The bigger the holder’s Diamond, the more points he has. Points are distributed the following way: 1 for each Small one, 10 for each Medium and 200 for each Big one. A list of all holders is available from the private part of the TON Diamonds profile. The table is updated every 10 minutes until the moment we start determining the winners. One participant may win several NFTs.