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Memory of soul

Following the Annihilation collection, Ellen Sheidlin will present a stone that plays an important role in her life, the preciousness of which is proven with love to her mother and grandmother. Smoky quartz is the most material form of planet Earth’s birth. This exact gemstone is a major symbol of the creative beginning in Ellen’s family. Smoky quartz, a fossil preserved in the thinnest layers of the underground world, is as if a relic of the long gone past, almost unobtainable and phenomenal in its properties. It’s the darkest of all stones that have ever existed, as well as the most dangerous and the only one that observed the world at its dawn, absorbing millions of years of history. The stone’s memory is vast, its soul is ephemeral, and it‘s the reason of déjà vu since it keeps the ancestral memory of the past and the dead.

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