Soaring through Barriers

New project by Ellen Sheidlin featured on Times Square and exhibited at Focus Art Fair in New York 18-21 May.
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Yonk is a designer and creator working with 2D, stop motion, and live action, married with CGI to tell abstract stories of the various subjects she explores in neuroscience, regenerative farming, dream states, and general curiosities regarding the zeitgeist.
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Harry Yeff and Trung Bao are two of the world's leading vocal experimentalists today, both utilising an almost inhuman vocal range. As artists they have collected hundreds of vocal techniques from around the world, which informs their knowledge and deep appreciation of the incredible nuance that VOICE GEMS capture.
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Shane Fu is a 3D artist and motion designer who initially gained his inspiration from the works of renowned artist Beeple. The artist became well-known due to the viral videos on social media. Over the course of his career, Shane collaborated with global brands, including Zara, Givenchy, Louis Vuitton, and BMW.
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Worldwide Exhibitions

New York
18.05 - 21.05
September 1-4

France Paris

The first exhibition, held at the Louvre Museum, Paris, was historical for TON Diamonds. This was a significant step forward in our development as a platform for global digital artists. Ellen Sheidlin’s Annihilation artworks were demonstrated as part of the exhibition and Ellen personally attended the event. TON Diamonds and Annihilation NFT holders enjoyed free admission and the opportunity to communicate with the artist. The exhibition at the Louvre Museum was an important milestone in spreading the presence of TON Blockchain and TON Diamonds marketplace on the international arena.
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TON Diamonds Collection

Become a holder and join the Priority Club: trade top-tier collections with 0% fees, get early access to new releases from digital artists, and many more privileges in TON Ecosystem.


What is TON Diamonds marketplace?
TON Diamonds is a curated marketplace and an auction house based on TON Blockchain where world-known digital artists publish their creations as NFTs. Every collection and artwork placed on TON Diamonds undergoes careful selection.
What privileges do TON Diamonds holders get?
TON Diamonds holders can trade NFTs with as low as 0% fees on our marketplace, get early access to new releases, and the opportunity to become part of the private community. Learn more about all privileges for holders here.
How to get listed on TON Diamonds as an artist?
We carefully select artists with a strong professional background and experience in the art industry to help them turn their creations into NFTs. If you’re a talented artist looking to enter the blockchain sphere, please apply here.
What is TON Blockchain?
TON is a next-generation layer-1 blockchain whose exceptional transaction speed and scalability set it apart from competitors in the Web3 and legacy Web2 spaces. It was originally built and designed by the Telegram messenger team, and now it is led by TON Foundation. Learn more on the official website.