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“MIRAGE”, a new animated digital drawing by Ellen Sheidlin “Mirage in the desert, like a hot echo, is reflected in the throat of fresh water. The desert appears before us as a mirage of our perceptions of its endless sands, dunes, and the path that begins in the east. This new canvas is a Mirage, combining seven sands, where creatures living in particles are mixed, so scorching by day and freezing by night. Inspired by the East, fish jump out of the water of an oasis, an eagle soars in the sky, free horses kick up dust from their hooves, and camels carry silk and pearls, reflecting the gazes of beautiful princesses. And I sketch all this, transferring my imagination to the canvas through the lines of the unconscious. My mirage can now exist in reality, as I have sketched it, using photographic digitization, and told its story through the colors of a raging storm, bringing to life the changes with the animation of breathing pictures. This whisper of the wind was heard in seven interpretations of the seven sands, akin to the seven emirates where they were found. Abu Dhabi embodies the image of a falcon, guarding its expanses, symbolizing strength and majesty, being the heart of art. Dubai in the image of a horse from the constellations, represents the pursuit of new horizons and the relentless movement towards success. Sharjah, a dragon-child of art, embodies the intertwining of times, keeping alive the spirit of traditions as a link between the past and future. Ajman appears as a creature from sea foam, where fish bring pearls to the shores of the Persian Gulf. Fujairah, rainbow petals of a rose, gathering particles of deserts and stars on the very peaks of mountains, symbolizes the unity of nature and its beauty. Ras Al Khaimah becomes a bird, telling Eastern tales, its feathers woven from corals, and stories shimmering with pearls. Umm Al-Quwain transforms into a butterfly, whose wing beats scatter stars, turning them into ornaments that decorate walls with geometric patterns, whimsical lines, and stylized flowers, inspiring dreams and creativity. Mirage embodies the wealth of cultural heritage in every grain of the endless desert.” - Ellen Sheidlin

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