Annihilation — Mirage

“Annihilation — Mirage” is a graceful subseries to the original project. While the initial stones were home to nature's souls, the new ones carry the enchanting whispers of desert souls.

70 Desert Stones

Limited drop of NFT, a graceful continuation of the original Annihilation collection


7 Genesis Stones

The project is rooted in seven genesis stones, each harboring the soul of a desert, discovered in different emirates


Mirage Artwork

The souls of the genesis stones blend in the new animated canvas by Ellen Sheidlin. The artwork is for sale at Art Dubai and in the TON Diamonds Auction House.

Exhibited at Art Dubai

Art Dubai, held annually in March in Dubai, UAE, is the foremost international art fair in the Middle East. In its 17-year history, the event has become a pivotal force in shaping discussions on Middle Eastern and nearby art at local, regional, and global levels.


Sold Out

The sale is over but you can still get a Annihilation — Mirage NFT on the secondary market