2048 unique, enigmatic portraits of Envoys of the Universe. The collection was represented at the 59th Venice Art Biennale 2022 as a part of the Personal Structures contemporary art exhibition and it received mentions in Forbes, NASDAQ, and other major publishers.

The Authors and their Vision

Concept2048 is a unity of two artists: Ekaterina Perekopskaya and Rostyslav Brenych - pros in the fashion-art industry. The two authors steadfastly refuse to remain indifferent towards the problems that humanity is to face in the not-so-distant future. Their creations are a call to action towards a sustainable and conscious tomorrow.

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Why 2048?

2048 symbolizes the not-so-distant future to emphasize the importance of being proactive because every day, every month, and every year counts.

Why are the Envoys so surreal?

The faces of the Envoys are covered with draped headpieces; nothing can disturb their inner vision. Their eyes are closed, so the other senses are sharpened, allowing the envoys to be extremely sensitive to the vibrations of the planet and feel its needs on a deeper level. Each Envoy is a ray of light, and it controls one of the four natural elements: water, earth, fire, or air. Their presence on Earth ensures that humanity evolves in the right direction.

Hand-Made, Non-Generative, Impulsive

The artworks originate from custom-crafted photographs inspired by the 4 natural elements. Color is key to METAMORPHOSES, as it is the major tool influencing the spectator’s consciousness. It takes inspiration from color psychology and from Aristotle's theory of color perception.

Blockchain x 2

The METAMОRPHOSES collection mint is set to run on two blockchains: ETHEREUM and TON.

TON is a fast-growing high-tech blockchain with huge potential and ultra-low fees.

Ethereum is the main blockchain for NFT releases and is the market standard.

Community based Art

We chose NFT format not due to hype, but as a means of uniting people in a proactive community: a group of like-minded enthusiasts, who are actually able to start changing things together.


We are organizing an online gallery with all 2048 works of art, as well as an offline exhibition listing the names of the owners who wish to participate; each of whom are united with the idea of contributing to the great cause.

Our Communication Strategy


For crypto, we are a real art project with an offline presence and long-run investing perspectives. For art collectors and critics, we are an NFT-art project with a strong idea and art statement behind it. It’s worth paying attention.

Sale will start on January 24

At 3:00 p.m. UTC