Mutant Toadz 🐸

Mutant Toadz 🐸

A limited collection of 9999 unique NFTs hosted on the TON Blockchain. Our mission is to create well-known avatars, promote the TON ecosystem through video guides and create powerful NFT brand.


69 NFT

Mutant Toadz will be handed out randomly to the TON Diamonds holders.


369 NFT

The number of NFT, TON Diamonds holder will be able to purchase.


90 TON

Special price on the Mutant Toadz closed loot box.

How to become a TON Diamonds holder?

To become an owner go to the catalog and buy NFT.


Get a Mutant Toadz NFT

Buy a random Mutant Toad Embryo that will transform into a unique Mutant Toad

232 for sale